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100 things i love about you

what i love about you is
1. you
2. your hair
3. your beautiful voice
4. your body
5. that we've got so much in common
6. your smell because you smell so good ^^
7. they way you make me smile when i just think about you.
8. they way you love me
9. they way you play your guitar
10. they way we found each other just coincedence
11. your smile
12. how you care about me
13. how much efford you make for me.
14. how you smoke xD
15. they way you kiss me
16. that your always so kind to me and never judge me
17. your clothes (that i stealed from jou and waering right now (A) )
18. you will never judge me no mather what
19. that your mine
20. the first kiss
21. how you can smile in a total akward situation
22. you always smile when im around you
23. the way you went after me when i said bye and you were doubpting to go to em or home but you folowed me ^^
24. they you make em feel alive
25. that you make me feel perfect and less insecure.
26. that you listen to me and dont pretend that you are.
27. That you always bring me home no mather what
28. That your not a jealous freak and let me go free
29. That you so loyal and wont betray me (i hope i wont because your my miracle and i dont wanne wast a miracle as you)
30. that you always hold you stairs because i felt from it because its a crappy pice of junk.
31. your skullcandy because its cool and i love skullcandy xD
32. that you miss me and i miss you
33. that your always there for me when i need you
34. that we dont have to say a thing because your eyes are saying enough.
35. how you can make me happy when im about to do something i will regreat.
36. the way you can let me stop for doing things i will regret,
37. that ii never get bored with you even if i have nothing to say your never get bored.
38. the way you make me feel special and loved
39. the way you say i love you to me
40. that you remember what i say to you
41. the way you said sorry to me on valentine's day even when it wasent all your fault
42. They way you leaned on me on your birthday
43. The way you comforted me when i didnt knew it anymore
44. the way you let me know that there are people who love me when i think that people dont do that
45. the way you tell me that it will be alright
46. that i can lay hours on you withoud worrying about a thing
47. that all of my worries disapier when im around you
48. they way you hate it to take pictures and dont want any ictures of me/us and i find them on your desktop and as your background
49. That you keep that stupid heart i made for you
50. your eyes
51. they way you let me win with things im bad at.
52. the way i win at things where your bad at
53. they way you can let me fall in love with you over and over again.
54. they way you can feel me loved and wanted by one look in your eyes
55. you need for revenge
56. your laugh when i tickle you
57. that you let me tickle you even when it's not funny.
58. that you can laugh about things that arent even funny
59. that you let me once laugh so hard that i cry'd
60. that you let me laugh so hard it hurts in my stomach
61. that you can make me pie my pants of laughter
62. your look at life
63. that we almost always agree with each other
64. That you listen to my storys about my past and dont interrupt me.
65. that you almost always look at the bride side of life.
66. your room because i can smoke there xD
67. that you wont take me to serious because i joke a lot
68. you take me serious when you feel that i want a serious conversation
69. when i discover when you lied to me you imideantly make up excuses and feel guilty and all kinds off stuffs
70. your tender soul
71. your mucles xD
72. you always will protect me even when you know that i aint affraid of no one
73. that you make me laugh even on msn and through a texst messages.
74. you always will awnser my texst messages even if it is 5hours between the 2 texst messages you always will.
75. That we share the same hobby
76. you give me reasons to live again
77. how much you are with me
78. youur sense of humor
79. that we can look youtube for hours and only laugh
80. that your very curious
81. that you dont give a shit about what people think about you
82. that i can stop you
83. that you listen to my advice
84. that you give me advice
85. that i broke your love record :D
86. that we almost have it a mounth
87. that you call me your little devil because that is the truth.
88. that you think i cant make a 100 things that i love about you but i prove you wrong right now
89. that we love the same music genre (but i like evil activities and you g 'n r but we both love rock/metal ect)
90. that we both love beer and going out with friends.
91. that you hug me
92. that you dance with me and dont be ashamed
93. that your just so perfect and beautiful
94. that we have a photoshoot :D xD
95. That you talk and not only listen.
96. that we laughed so hard at firing mah lazor and we still do and at the grape lady and we can watch it over and over again and still laugh
97. you make time for me and not go to me when you have time
98. that you dont care that im different
99. that you love me for who i am
100. that you accept me
for my love Lars <3
animegirlfever Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
ahhhhh its beautifull. I will do everthing for you aslong as we are together

I love you
animegirlfever Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
omgosh you broke into my account xD hahahahahahha
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